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2016 Ford F350 in for our entry level coating, full glass treatment, & Black Pearl Tire
Please check out both videos... This BMW GS1200 was Ceramic coated by us last year when it was new. This isnt your typical bike owner either, the owner USES it, no matter the weather. He just returned from a nearly 6500 mile trip in less than 1 week on a timed bike run from New York to California & back. Coming in for a much needed bath, we simply presoaked with Gtechniq Citrus Foam and pressure washed the majority of the bugs and road debris right off. The lighting in the 2nd video isnt great, but its easy to see all dirt, etc. coming off with zero effort.

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… I stopped by, before they were even finished, and it is AMAZING.. NSS are magicians. I won’t let anyone else touch my vehicles.
Doug G., Nano Coating
Like others, I won’t let anyone else touch my car either!
Matthew F., Nano Coating
The very best!!!
Robert C., Nano Coating